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Who is Nebulous?
Nebulous at the moment is a group of three individuals, -2. But don't count us out yet. Ya just never know what might happen....


Nebulous would like to thank all the fan's who come out and support us gig after gig. A special thank's goes out to Ken DeLeon for such great support and making our cd a reality. We love ya Ken and won't forget what you have done for us. Thank you to our families who put up with our late gigs and practice. Thank's to Mike (Holland) for staying up late after work to design our logo and font. Thanks to Bristal's Grandparents for letting us practice at thier home when we had no place to jam. Thank you Martin for your wild ideas and support since day one! I'm sure we have forgotten lots of people to thank so please don't be offended we haven't forgotten about you. Thanks again to everyone who has been a part of Nebulous!

Melita D. Harris-(FliGoose)

Precussion & Vocals
David Chapa-(Metranome) Drummer

Bristal Ross-(B-Dawg) Singer

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